VocUM 2017 – Language and globalization

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This edition was possible thanks to the hard work of the following people

Board of directors

Stéphanie Luna, president

Julien Plante-Hébert, vice-president

Gabrielle Pannetier Leboeuf, secretary

Amélia Manolescu, treasurer

Hugues Lacroix, head of ScriptUM

Eve-Marie Gendron-Pontbriand, head of funding

Amélie Clermont-Trottier, head of la logistic

Organizing Committee

  • Bélisle, Michelle
  • Boucher, Marie-Christine
  • Clermont-Trottier, Amélie
  • Désilets, Camille
  • Fryer, Maude
  • Gendron Pontbriand, Eve-Marie
  • Ho, Carlianney
  • Lacroix, Hugues
  • Luna, Stéphanie
  • Manolescu, Amélia
  • Pannetier Leboeuf, Gabrielle
  • Plante-Hébert, Julien
  • Rossier-Bisaillon, Antonin
  • Spiaggia, Aurélie
  • Tétrault, Gabriel