ScriptUM publishes one issue per year, with the same theme as the last edition of VocUM. All presenters whose contributions were in line with the theme are invited to submit an article (4 000 to 6 000 words). The journal accepts only original and unpublished articles, in French, English or Spanish (exceptionally in other languages). Articles already submitted or published elsewhere, in part or in whole, will be systematically rejected (translations of already published articles will also be rejected). ( Plagiarism results in an automatic rejection, at any stage of the editorial process. Article formatting according to the journal’s style sheet is mandatory at the moment of submission (see Instructions to authors). Copyright is held by Colloque VocUM. Any request to reproduce must be addressed to the editor of ScriptUM (

Peer review

Articles submitted to ScriptUM undergo anonymous peer review. Each submission is evaluated by two reviewers of the concerned discipline, one graduate student and one professional researcher (professor, research associate, etc.). Reviewers are usually recruited within the academic community of the Université de Montréal, but also elsewhere if needed. Reviewers are granted two months to complete their evaluation. Acceptance of an article is always conditional: the editorial board must be satisfied with the modifications made to the text according to the reviewers’ comments. If this is not so, ScriptUM reserves the right to reject the article. Revised articles are verified (duration: one to two months) by one of the two initial reviewers (generally, the student reviewer). Evaluation rests on several criteria: relevance of the topic, originality in dealing with the subject, quality of the methodology, rigor of data analysis, links with specialized literature, logic and structure of the argumentation, general presentation (language quality, formatting, etc.).


The journal is published in November, at the same time as the annual VocUM conference. Each issue corresponds to the previous edition of the conference. The call for papers is launched in the weeks following the conference and the deadline for submission is in February. Submissions are evaluated and accepted articles are verified in the spring. The final preparation of the issue is undertaken during the fall.

Open access

ScriptUM is an open access journal, in accordance with the principle of free circulation of research findings. The journal aims to make research freely accessible to the public and to promote knowledge dissemination on a large scale.