Marwen Ben Alkilani

  • Marwen Ben Alkilani was born in Tunisia on February 8, 1984. He received the MA degree from the Faculty of Mannouba. He is a PHD student in the faculty of letters (Sfax). He is currently a professor of cultural revitalization. He is a member of the Tunisian Association of Young Researchers and the GRAD research unit. He has published many articles on TAYR Quarterly. He published a book on communicative language teaching in « Lambert Academic publishing » center (Germany). He also made several presentations in the British Council international conferences. His research interests include ELT, ESP, MALL and curriculum design.


    • A book entitled «  »Communicative Competence » » As Target: Practicality Of The Ideas With Reference To ELT In The Secondary Level In Tunisia (Lambert Academic Publishing) (this book could be found in,….)
    • 2015: Publication in TAYR Quarterly journal, Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015 entitled “From Communicative Competence to Communicative Language Teaching (and vice-versa): a definition of CLT and its implementation in EFL textbooks and curriculum design” (this could be found in the Web site of the Tunisian Association of Young Researchers)
    • 2016: Publication in TAYR Quarterly journal entitled ““Mobile Assisted Language Learning in “English Clubs” in Tunisia: Gamification as a tool”.


    • 2015: Second inscription in doctoral studies.
    • 2014: Preparing a doctoral thesis in applied linguistics entitled “Mobile Assisted Language Learning in Tunisia: Practicality of The Ideas with Reference to the Use of Android Educational Applications both by Learners in English Clubs in the “Tunisian Houses of Culture” and by Academic Writers.” (supervisor :dr. Mounir Triki)
    • 2013 : MA holder. MA thesis in applied linguistics entitled “Communicative competence as a target: practicality of the ideas with reference to ELT in the secondary level in Tunisia”.(supervisor :dr.FAIZA DERBEL/ Faculty of Mannouba).
    • 2013: member in the Tunisian Association of young researchers (TAYR).
    • 2007 – 2008 : having received a ‘’maîtrise’’ in English language and literature from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Sousse .
    • 2005 – 2006: having received the Certificate of the first cycle.
    • 2002: getting the BACCALAUREAT DEGREE.


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