Anastasia Llewellyn

    • Anastasia Llewellyn (détails)
      • Country: Canada
      • Region: QC
      • Statut actuel: Graduate student
      • Université: Concordia University
      • Email:
    • Anastasia Llewellyn (ses présentations)

    Anastasia Llewellyn is a graduate of the University of Montreal in Translation and Hispanic Studies. She is currently writing her thesis on the translation of the Bible into Welsh for the MA in Translation Studies (Research) at Concordia University, where she also lectures at the undergraduate level. She is vice-president of the Graduate Student Association in Translation, as well as a member of the organizing committee of the Voyages in Translation graduate student symposium, at which she also presented a paper. As an Anglophone born and raised in Quebec, Anastasia is particularly interested in the interaction between languages in a given environment, especially with respect to culture and the preservation of minority languages. She is also interested in language legislation.


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